GRIPPI is a patent pending device designed as an aid to maintaining COMPLETE control over the Sony™ or Microsoft™ Brand Game console Controller Joysticks. This product is REVOLUTIONARY and ESSENTIAL to anyone with concerns of hand joint and ligament
damage that may arise from Console Video Game playing.

GRIPPI perfectly cups the top of the joystick knob to provide comfort, increased accuracy and quicker response to your gaming experiences.  The tip of your thumb maintains contact with the original joystick knob (for a natural feel), while NEVER hindering you from
manipulating any of the other buttons of the controller.  There is a large diameter of motion involved with the Playstation Controller joystick and a surface that gets slick with use. Other similar products increase the height of the joystick. This increases thumb strain by causing an even LARGER diameter that the thumb has to move to control game movements.

GRIPPI doesn't have movement hindering wings on each side. This only provides LINEAR control in the direction you point the wings.

GRIPPI's non-slip surface provides 360 DEGREE CONTROL !!!

GRIPPI not only solves the slick surface challenges, it increases accuracy and reflex time.
Your hand and thumb will be more relaxed which leads to:

MORE GAMING TIME..............and .............LESS STRAIN !!!!

Best yet, you can pop them off and use on a friend's controller. Just lift off when done, put in your pocket. It's COMPLETELY flexible.

While used for it's intended purpose, GRIPPI will never break or tear.
Made of a non-toxic silicone.




CAUTION: CHOKING HAZARD. For ages 7 yrs old and above. Made of Silicone Rubber.
Best when used with Sony Brand Playstation Controllers or Microsoft Brand Xbox Controllers.




$10.00 USD + shp


Acceptance Mark


Designed by: Shaputer Computer Services